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Pores are tiny openings on the skin that allow it to breathe, they also perform the function of producing sebum to keep the skin moisturised and healthy. However, for some women, these pores appear open and big and are quite noticeable. Open pores on the face can be a result of aging, dryness, oily skin as well as acne and breakouts. Since the problem is quite common and not many of us have the answers, we decided to contact Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi, Owner & Director - Shine Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic, Mumbai, to tell us about the causes and also share some tips on how to get rid of open pores on the face.

Before we dive into the causes and treatments for open pores on the face, let’s first learn a bit more, shall we?

1. What are pores?

What are pores?

Pores are of two types, one releases a natural oil called sebum to keep skin smooth and moisturised and the other performs the function of releasing sweat. Oil-releasing pores often appear enlarged due to excessive oil production, poor skincare habits and more. While getting rid of large pores may not be possible, you can definitely reduce their appearance.

2. Causes of open pores

Causes of open pores

Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi lists the following reasons as the cause for large open pores on the face:

i) Genetics:

One of the biggest causes of open pores may be genetic. If your parents had open pores at an early age, then you might too.

ii) Ageing:

As we grow older, the skin loses its elasticity and sags, making the pores look larger. This is mainly because of reduced collagen production.

iii) Sun exposure:

Chronic sun exposure damages the skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin present in it. This causes the skin to look thicker and the pores to look larger.

iv) Blackheads and whiteheads:

Pores that are clogged cause blackheads and acne. An excess of oil, sebum and dead skin cells can sometimes block the pores and cause the pores to expand, thereby making them look larger than they are.

v) Poor skincare habits:

When it comes to open pores on the face, hygiene plays a vital role. If you don’t cleanse your skin well, then that could be a reason behind your pores appearing large.

vi) Using too much makeup:

Makeup completely covers your skin and prevents it from breathing. Excessive use of makeup can attract dirt and cause your skin to sweat, which may result in pore-clogging.

3. Tips to prevent open pores on the face

Tips to prevent open pores on the face

Want to know how to get rid of open pores on the face? Let’s take a look at what Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi has to say about ways to prevent this problem. We also mention natural remedies to get rid of open pores on the face.

- Wash face regularly

Wash face regularly

Cleansing is the most important part of any skincare routine, thorough cleansing will keep most skincare problems at bay. Using an oil-free, gentle cleanser helps remove all the dirt and unwanted debris from the skin. Glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid cleansers help keep the face dry and prevent blackhead formation,” says Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi.

Natural fruit cleanser:

To make your own natural fruit cleanser at home, take the pulp of fruits like banana, kiwi, strawberry, papaya and orange, mix well and massage your face with it. Let it stay on for a few minutes then wash it off.

- Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliate twice a week

According to Dr. Modi, regular exfoliation helps remove the dirt, dead skin and excess oil build-up from the face, thereby helping in keeping the pores unclogged. When your skin and pores are clean, they won’t stretch or appear larger.

Tomato and oatmeal scrub:

Oatmeal absorbs excess oil and exfoliates the skin, whereas tomato acts as a natural astringent that helps shrink pores. Make a paste by combining the two ingredients and massage well into the skin.

- Moisturise


“Use a lightweight moisturiser after washing the face to keep the moisture in the skin intact, this will prevent the skin from producing excess sebum, hence preventing the appearance of open pores on the face,” says Dr. Modi.


A humectant and natural astringent, honey retains moisture in the skin and improves the texture. Simply massage raw honey over the pores for a few minutes then let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it off.

- Apply clay mask

Apply clay mask

Says Dr. Modi, “Using a clay mask once or twice a week helps reduce oil, I recommend it to those with oily skin types. It controls excess oil and prevents clogged pores.”

Multani mitti mask:

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti absorbs excess oil and deep-set dirt to reduce the appearance of open pores on the face. Simply add some rose water or milk to multani mitti to form a thick paste, apply all over the face as a mask and wash it off once it has dried.

- Remove makeup before going to sleep

Remove makeup before going to sleep

“Sleeping with makeup clogs the pores and causes comedones and acne, which in turn cause open pores. Even if you are lazy, use cleansing wipes to remove the makeup quickly at the end of the day, as this will allow your skin to breathe, recommends Dr. Modi.

Oil cleansing:

If you are wearing waterproof or stubborn makeup, use the oil cleansing method to get rid of makeup easily. Simply apply some virgin coconut oil all over your face to loosen the makeup particles, then wipe with a cotton pad. Make sure you follow it up with a foaming cleanser.

- Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen

Apart from natural remedies, here are a few other things you shouldn’t compromise on if you want to prevent open pores on the face. “Prevention from sun damage protects the skin from excessive drying and stops the pores from looking larger, always wear sunscreen and if possible, cover yourself with a scarf or hat during the day for added measure,” advises Dr. Modi.

- Consider clinical treatments

Consider clinical treatments

“Glycolic peels are made from sugarcane. When applied to the skin, they cause superficial exfoliation, remove dead skin and help pores to shrink. Other chemical peels like salicylic acid help reduce acne, blackheads and control sebum production, thereby shrinking pores and reducing their appearance,” says Dr. Modi.

- Apply retinol cream at night

Apply retinol cream at night

“Retinol creams will control the sebum production and help shrink pores, therefore invest in a retinol-based cream. It is best to consult a dermatologist who will suggest the ideal percentage of retinol-based on the needs of your skin,” says Dr. Modi.

- Reduce junk food

Reduce junk food

Last but not the least, Dr. Modi signs off by saying, “Junk food contains a lot of fried products and processed ingredients, none of which are good for your health or skin. It increases insulin levels that make your skin drier, thicker, prone to acne and clogged pores. Instead, have a healthy diet and include foods that are rich in vitamin C.”

4. FAQs about open pores on face

FAQs about open pores on face

1) How can I tighten my pores?

A. Pore tightening won’t happen overnight, in fact, there is no way to naturally make large pores disappear. Rubbing a cube of ice on the face helps shrink pores instantly, however it is temporary.

2) Why am I getting large pores?

A. Some skin types are prone to getting open pores on the face. Hormonal changes, sun damage and poor skincare habits are some of the factors that could be responsible for your large pores.