2020-10-24 09:51Written by Urvi Dalal


While ageing is a natural and inevitable process, noticing the first signs of ageing can come as a real disappointment to most of us, amirite? And since the skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our face, it is usually the first to show signs of ageing in the form of crow’s feet.

While you should follow an anti-ageing skincare routine to delay premature signs of ageing, you also need to make a few lifestyles tweaks to prevent and eliminate crow’s feet. To make things easier for you, here are four simple tips you can follow to get rid of crow’s feet…

01. Consume a healthy diet

Having foods that are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants are really helpful when it comes to maintaining the health of your skin as they increase collagen production. This is what makes your skin look plump and youthful. Include berries, green vegetables, ghee and fatty fish in your diet to notice incredible results.

02. Quit smoking

Tobacco is known to accelerate the ageing process, thanks to its inflammatory nature. Additionally, the act of smoking also uses a lot of muscles around your eyes and mouth, which lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles a lot sooner than in non-smokers.

03. Wear glasses when working or reading

A lot of us have the habit of squinting while sitting in front of a screen or reading for long periods of time due to the constant strain. An easy and effective way to reduce this straining is to simply put on a pair of glasses (even if you don’t have power). This creates a layer between your screen and eyes, leading to lesser straining, which in turn delays the appearance of crow’s feet.

04. Sleep on your back

The way you sleep also has a major impact on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, your skin undergoes a lot of stress due to the friction, which then leads to crow’s feet. To avoid this, simply get into the habit of sleeping on your back as well as switch to a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.

05. Use an eye cream with eye massager



Last but not the least, the kind of skincare products you choose make a huge difference. We recommend you to incorporate a moisturising eye cream in your skincare routine from your early 20s to delay the appearance of wrinkles. But if you already notice a few lines and wrinkles, include an anti-ageing eye cream and a good eyes massager to full absorbtion of essence like EM035- LED light Eye & Lip Massager in your skincare routine and apply it every single day.