Why You Need to Know Eye Massager?

2020-08-24 09:35


When you roll into your 9 a.m. meeting after staying up all night, the one thing is guaranteed   to recover your eyes vitality quickly. It doesn't matter whether you stared at whole-day computer screen to finish boss presentation or watched the hundreds of pages reports.So what can help you give away the dark circles and relieve the fatigue before that 9 a.m. meeting with the boss? Read on to learn about it.

led display.jpg


The Solution

Next time you find yourself in that inevitable scenario, reach for the Air Compression Eye Massager by   Huayuet.This rechargeable device reduces your eyes your stress every seconds.

The Design

Made of durable ABS material and soft skin inner cloth, the   eye massager fits perfectly under the eyes   as well as the brow bone for a 360-degree, ultra-comfortable massage.

The Technology

The massager has 4 modes, each featuring a different combination of air pressure,hot compression, and/or vibration. Open your bluetooth, enjoy light music atmosphere.It slowly contract and tighten, applying slightly more pressure and warmth with each pulse as it move down your temples towards   your eyes. It releases, expelling air like a deep yoga breath.